Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Iceland Crater!

We did it!


We did it! 

Volcanic Crater

We climbed up to see this stunning crater called Ljotipollu (which ironically means ugly pond) 

We walked along the ridge on the left of the Volcanic Crater 

 Still smiling! 

Selfie by the crater! 

 On the rim of the crater!

 Absolutely Breathtaking!

Coming to the end of the journey

We made it to the end of the Landmannalauger Trek and all got our medals!

We ordered an Uber- this is what we got!

Wednesday morning briefing

We are heading 20km North East towards 2 crater lakes and more snow fields. We will rendez-vous with our vehicle sometime late afternoon and drive 5 hours to Reykjavik.  

Conditions ahead are unknown as the weather has been so unpredictable and unseasonably cold. Sandwiches packed, boots still wet but raring to go (ish).

Breakfast and making sandwiches for lunch

Thank you to Steven Kluk for generously sponsoring our team fleeces - they've kept us cosy in the much colder than expected Icelandic nights!!!

Boker Tov!

Wednesday morning

It was below zero temperatures last night and an exploding gas cannister, Naomi was in and out of her tent to go to the loo. Apparently, there was a vague sunrise at 3.30am with the mountains bathed in a pink glow. After a fitful night (probably about an hour's kip between us) we were woken to the dulcet tones of our neighbours the Israelis saying 'Boker Tov'....!!

Our Israeli friends were up early for Shacharis! 

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Panoramic views

                               A panoramic view from hrafntinnusker!! Amazing!!

                                      Walking past a very noisy, fast flowing river!

                                   Sponsor our Lava Ladies 

Avenu Shalom Alechem

We finally arrived at camp after a really long day drudging up and down snow fields (check out the photos), all our boots and socks were soaked through and we struggled to keep warm if we stopped at all. We ended the day trekking through lava fields. 

As we neared camp we had a completely surreal moment when we ran into a group of Israelis and all of us broke into a rousing chorus of 'Avenu Shalom Alechem' - literally in the wilderness of Iceland!!! 

                                                        We wrote Chai in the snow. 

Amanda's found a brilliant solution to wet socks and boots. She used sandwich bags around her socks. 

                                                          Crossing the lava fields!